ELEVATING (BOTH-LEGS) leg rest manual folding wheelchair

This wheelchair comes with leg-rests for the BOTH leg that can be set horizontally level or at any incline. This type of wheelchair is essential for a user who cannot bend both legs at the knee. The leg-rests unclip and the wheelchair folds up easily to fit in a car.
Elevating Leg Rests for the BOTH legs.
Seat width:
46cms (18 inches)
Max user weight:
115kgs (253 Pounds)
Wheelchair weight:
18kgs (39 Pounds)
Total unfolded width at widest points:
65cm (25.5 inches)
24 inch rear & 8 inch front wheels
Fold-up, fold-in and fold-out
Removable for side access
Top half folds back
Puncture proof rubber tyres
Folded dimensions:
Width=29cms (11.5"), Height=75cms (29.5"), Length=74cms (29")